Cycling Lessons


If you’re not yet able to ride a bike, you’ll learn the basic skills and techniques of cycling first. You’ll basically learn how to control the bicycle. We’ll teach you – among other things – how to keep your balance, to steer with ease, to look over your shoulder and to give hand signals, to hop on the bike and cycle in straight line when the light turns green, how to break and safely hop off your bike and how to make an emergency stop. The lessons will be in your own tempo. We know from experience that the average beginner needs about 10 one-hour lessons.



If you’re already able to ride a bike, it’s time for the next step: to move safely through traffic with enough confidence. We’ll supervise you while you cycle through the city. You’ll learn how to view traffic from the perspective of a cyclist. You’ll learn how to handle obstacles like tram rails and speed bumps. In addition, traffic insights and detailed knowledge of traffic rules will be given.

Purchasing a bicycle

We’ll help you purchase a (second-hand) bicycle. We’re not connected to any brand or a shop. We’ll accompany you to the shop and check the bicycle for safety and sturdiness. We’ll adjust the bicycle according to your preferences (height of seat and breaks). This is a free service, as we want to be sure you’ll be riding a good and suitable bicycle after all your effort.

You’re also more than welcome at Het Fietscollege if you:

  • Simply wish to practice cycling in busy city traffic with us for an hour
  • Want to refresh your traffic knowledge and insights
  • Wonder if you’re still versatile enough and react adequately in traffic
  • Want to learn how to cycle a difficult (daily) route
  • Want to practice cycling in the dark or in bad weather
  • Want to learn how to carry out small repairs or simply how to fix a flat tyre
  • Need assistance and advice for riding an electric bicycle
  • Have a child that is afraid to cycle without stabilisers
  • Are afraid to cycle with your kids
  • Want to learn how to ride a cargo bike.