For whom

Children and adults with the Down syndrome.

The ability of people with the Down syndrome varies greatly. Depending on the level of ability, we can help teach children and adults how to cycle in traffic under supervision, on a tricycle if necessary.

Children and adults with autism.

People with autism often have problems with their motor system and find it hard to deal with the behaviour of other road users. We teach them how to ride a bike and deal with those problems. In addition, we teach them how to deal with other people’s behaviour in traffic.

The elderly.

Many elderly people would like to keep cycling. Some of them aren’t able to continue cycling anymore, others are afraid to. We teach elderly people how to deal with their physical limitations.

People with a fear of cycling

Many things can cause a fear of cycling. It may be caused by a fall or another incident, by a physical condition or something else. Self-confidence increases when you cycle with people who take your anxieties into account and this helps people to start trusting their own judgement once again.

If you want to start using an electric bicycle.

We’ll help you choose an electric bicycle and teach you how to ride it.