Privacy statement

Dear customer,

As you know The Netherlands introduced a new law about how to protect your privacy, in Europe known as GDPR (Genaral Data Protection Regulation)
During the last years has Het Fietscollege, a combination of Het Amsterdams Fietscollege and Het Haags Fietscollege, received requests from private people and companies to organise classes or workshops. By participating in classes and workshops your e-mail adress is kept on our computer, which is protected by a password. Het Fietscollege does not build up files of e-mail details of our custumors.

You will have noticed Het Fietscollege does not use your e-mail to advertise or to approach you for commercial goals. We do not do that in future either. E-mail traffic between you and Het Fietscollege is on the computer, Ipad or Phone, all secured with a password.

I case you participated in classes or workshops maybe you shared pictures or personal data with Het Fietscollege, they are kept on the secure computer. Only Marja Popper and Ruud van Es will read your personal data and we do not share or sell this data with third parties. We als do not use ‘cookies’ or similar purposes. Your Phone number and your whatsapp messages are kept on a telephone  with a password.

In case you want to participate in classes or workshops in the future then it is convienient that we have already certain data, but you decide.
Our question is: can we keep your data or do you want us to remove them? Please let us know by e-mail.
For more information we refer to

Kind regards,
Marja Popper
Ruud van Es
Het Fietscollege