“I would recommend Ruud to anyone. I was very nervous – and embarrassed – about getting on a bike for the first time at the age of 30; Ruud was calm and re-assuring, he never made me feel stupid and made the whole process fun! If you’ve never cycled before and think you can’t do it, Ruud will prove you wrong. Taking lessons with him is one of the best things I’ve done.”

Beth Dugan

'Even though my kids are Dutch, they did not live in The Netherlands during the years that most Dutch kids learn to bike in the city. Once back in Holland, we asked Ruud to give them a crush course safe biking. Ruud biked our children to school for several weeks, teaching them to watch, watch, watch and all the important traffic rules. My kids learned a lot from Ruud and enjoyed riding to school with him.' Ariane van Notten, mother of students at ISA

Ariane van Notten

My name is Steve Webber and I was born in 1952. I came to Amsterdam from the UK to work for a bank. To my shame I have never ridden a bike so I decided to learn in one of the great homes of cycling. Initially Ruud taught me a number of useful exercises to improve balance and confidence before we ventured on to the roads of Amsterdam. The experience on the roads was excellent and Ruud was always a safe and sensible leader. He is a patient and understanding teacher, with a good sense of humor (very important when making mistakes ).I needed only 14 one hour lessons in 2 months to be able to ride around with the arrogance of a true Amsterdammer !

Steve Webber

Beste Ruud, Nog een keer bedankt voor de hele leuke instap in de wereld van "leren fietsen":) Wij blijven nog oefenen met afzetten en zoo... Ik heb over je talent en geduld verteld aan vrieden, en er is misschien nog een jongen die van jouw een les zou willen. Ik hoop dat je het goed vind als ik je email address doorstuur naar zijn moeder.Ik hoor graag van je of dat OK is. Indy is net als Kubo 11 en heeft ook downsyndroom (het zijn ook nog vrienden en zitten samen op korfbal, dan is alles meteen duidelijk).


"I never rode a bike before and was worried it moght be too late to learn, but I was lucky to come accros Marja Popper online. Marja is professional, patient, supportive and knows how to work with adults that want to learn how to bike. I highly recommend Marja to all ages. Best"

Mariam Alshamsi

Dear Marja, thank you for your kind attention and information. The student delivers their potential only when they have a good teacher. Hayley had an excellent teacher :-)

Warm regards


I registered on the bike lessons with my 5 years old son Hekma. My son so far, was happy with his 3 wheels and was not about to give it up. I, on the other hand, had not experienced a bike ride before. From the first lesson, we knew that we were on capable hands and an experienced bike teacher. From the technic and methodology of handling a bike via the rules and regulations applied to bike riders, to the practice in the real traffic environment, all was there to help us master our bikes.

Amazingly, my son was able to ride his bike, without his side wheels, from day one of the training! Today, Thanks to Marya's college we joined other millions bikers on the road with confidence.

Het Haags Fiets college can only be highly recommended by us. If you are looking for Bike college, you have found it! Call Marya today!

Thank you very much Maria.


Giancarlo and Aurelio (5 years old) I was surprised to see my son starting to cycle just at the end of the first lesson. I learned to cycle when I was a little boy after many falls and bruises and I could not imagine this would be possible. And he did not fall once. Marja was able to keep him focus and encouraged him to overcome the little challenges she set for him during the lesson. My son was so excited and happy to see himself progressing particularly when he did his first "solo" lap. Memorable moments!

Thanks very much Marja

Giancarlo (april 2015)

In November sent an email to 3 cycling teachers about lessons for our daughter Manon. Ruud van Es responded to this message. Between January and April, he helped Manon to both perfect her cycling techniques and face various situations in traffic. Because of this, she now feels much more confident in traffic, both by bicycle and on foot. She's now able to judge how long it takes for a car to reach her and even dares to claim right of way on the main road.

I am sending this message because the Fietsersbond (Cycling Union) stimulated this first contact and I think Ruud van Es deserves full honours, also for the way in which he treated Manon. He was able to convince her to cooperate with the use of humour, even though she doesn't always feel like it. He was able to "break through her autism", if you like. In addition, the planning of the course was perfect. We received this planning in advance, which made it clear to Manon what she could expect.

I would highly recommend Ruud's cycling lessons to other parents whose kids have autism and have difficulty gaining insight into the various situations in traffic. Manon looks back on the lessons with happiness and has nice memories of the personal contact she had with Ruud. She very seriously filled in the evaluation form which Ruud gave her. In it she mentions how she feels much safer in traffic since the course. In short, thanks to the mediation of the Fietsersbond, this project was a great success. Thank you very much.

Tineke Buijtendijk - Mother of Manon